Friday, July 2, 2010

Autoparts! Roll Out!

I'm fired!

.........fired up to transfer to our new office site.

Goodbye to our old office priveleges. No more slippers, dugyot clothes, no more "NO ID, YOU CAN ENTRY", no more manang and manong, no more tolda, no more taho, no more blah blah blah.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Try and Try Until You Fly

They say when you aim, aim (sky) high. It's free anyway. Remember our first team building when we had our picture leaping our feet off the ground? Mine was a failure. This time hurray for me! Yep, we had our second team building (reshuffled members again). At last, my dream of having photo shots with me ascending came true.

It's raining jump shots!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hate Late?

Of all the company or food businesses' motto, there is one that literally interests me, Shakey's! Of course you know their famous line - "If it's late, it's free!". This means they will deliver your ordered pizza on time or even earlier to the alloted time. Great isn't it?

So most of us will think that they'll never gonna have a late delivery since doing so will let them give their pizza for free (as their promise straightforwardly says).

Then, unintentionally, my long-time curiosity finally made me test if they really apply that free thing. Having a laziness syndrome, we ordered pizza and the Shakey's staff told us that we just need to wait for 45 mins. 10 minutes before the "deadline", we were hungry and I was starting to prepare other food since we thought pizza won't be delivered anymore. But wait! Here's our pizza! Almost 30 minutes late! I'm pretty much annoyed by that time and good thing I wasn't the one who talked to the delivery girl. But my mouth didn't resist to give a serious comment "Hey, that is free" (Ate, free na yan.). Good thing Labsky was calm and kind talking to her 'coz he didn't want things to be complicated. She apologized and we just paid. Then a Shakey's delivery boy came after the girl left. He gave us a gift certificate worth P100 then apologized again for the delivery issue.

Lesson: If it's late, we are sorry! Atleast, it was delivered...

Whew, establishing a motto is really a serious matter.

So if me and Labsky would put up a business, we think this would be safe and best!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Silly Hat Party

This year, the company celebrated an early December occasion with a Silly Hat theme. Employees must wear silly hats partnered with their outfit, or else, you can still enter the MOA SMX venue. (go rule breakers!)

Take a glimpse of the happenings.



Female Silly Hat Winner

    Male Silly Hat Winner

Data and Catalog Pride!

I did not win any raffle prizes again by the way.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Update

What kept me busy these past weeks:

I needed to finish tasks in the office because it's deadline season. Glad I could still spend break time!

Kodak mania on floor.

Kittens in the house are now cats hehe. Our new generation kittens are now all grown up. See how fast time flies.

Shino mas lasheng.

Relaxing in the house with geekie peeps.

Me and my sister had our first out of three sessions vaccine.

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